NEBDN Certificate in Radiography 2017/2018 (Course id 1712)


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Certificate in Dental Radiography 2017-2018 FAQ.pdf

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Course aim

To provide the Dental Care Professional with the underpinning knowledge and the practical experience to become competent in taking dental radiographs to the prescription of the dentist.

To provide the Dental Care Professional with the underpinning knowledge to maintain safe working practices associated with ionizing radiation.

Course outcomes

Upon successful completion of the course and examination the Dental Care Professional will be competent to undertake dental radiography, to the prescription of a dentist, within the scope of the NEBDN syllabus and current UK legislation.

Fulfils the criteria on ‘additional skills on prescription’ as specified in the GDC’s Scope of practice documents for DCPs.

Entry requirements

To study with us at LaSE you will need to be registered with the General Dental Council. The practice that currently employs you will also need to have and maintain a PCT contract.  If you work in a private practice you will pay a higher course fee.  A dentist within your practice will need to agree to supervise you through the ‘Record of Experience’ and attend the Induction session (session 1) with you. This course is only available to DCPs who work within the counties of Kent, Surrey & Sussex.

Course structure

This ‘blended learning’ course has been designed to prepare you for the NEBDN’s Post-Registration Qualification Cert. Radiography ending with an examination. The prospectus which includes the syllabus and detailed requirements is available to download at It will include using a combination of distance and classroom learning methods. In addition to this we are offering full support from experienced tutors in Radiography.

They will help guide you through the completion of your own ‘Record of Experience’; a portfolio of evidence which must be submitted to NEBDN as part of your application for and entry to the examination. The purpose of the Record of Experience is for you to demonstrate your practical competency .

Using a combination of learning methods will enable you to enjoy the benefits of studying in your own time as well as five structured sessions in the classroom.

Due to the format of the course, you will require regular access to a computer and an email account

There are 5 mandatory classroom sessions.

All sessions will be mandatory for you to attend as part of your training programme

Course Location:  Eastboure District General Hospital, Kings Drive, Eastbourne, BN21 2UD.


Course dates 

Session 1: Wednesday 10th May 2017

Session 2: Friday 7th July 2017

Session 3: Wednesday 19th July 2017

Session 4: Thursday 13th December 2016

Session 5: Tuesday 12th February 2018*

Time: 10:00am - 17:00pm

* Half day attendance only- to be arranged with your tutor on submission of your completed ROC


Mandatory Requirements

  • GDC Registration
  • Dental Nurse Qualification
  • Continuing support of a supervising dentist in your workplace who will be able to validate your practical experience.
  • Regular access to a computer with a broadband internet connection and sound.
  • Regular access to an email account
  • Access to patients to enable you to complete your practical experience requirements.

Course Fees

  • The cost of the curent course for information is £795.00 to those candidates who work in a private practice and £695.00 for those candidates who are employed in an NHS practice (a provider number should be submitted with your application).
  • ROE fee is £20.00 payable on submssion of application and course fee.
  • A NEBDN final examination fee of £175 is payable on submission of application form, course fee and ROE fee.

What do I do next?

  • To book a place on the course, please visit the Dental Education Booking System (DEBS) at On completion of your booking, please return invoice booking form, application form and payment to the Cassidy Gourlay, Health Education England, Dental Department, Stewart House, 2nd Floor, 32 Russell Square, WC1B 5DN