The HEKSS Dental / University of Kent Masters Degree Programme


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The HEKSS Dental / University of Kent Masters Degree Programme

In 2011 KSS Deanery became a validated partner of the University of Kent. That means that we are able to deliver degree programmes quality assured by the University.

The university ensure that there is due academic process, that any qualification is at the appropriate level and appoint external examiners from other institutions, (in our case from UK Dental Schools) to ensure the professional level is also correct.

All of our foundation Dentists can undertake a Postgraduate Certificate in Primary Dental Care for Foundation Dentists. The Student Handbookfor 2015/2016 Schemes is available to download.


The Postgraduate Certificate in Primary Dental Care for Foundation Dentists

The first year Foundation Dentists can be enrolled at the University of Kent- at a cost of £250.00. The Deanery delivers the training programme, which, to fit the academic process has been broken down into 3 modules for assessment process.

  1. 1.       Key Skills

This module covers three of the FGDP (UK) Key Skills which are considered to be highly important to the development of competent dental practice. Students produce Portfolios of Evidence for each of:

a)      Medical Emergencies

b)      Disinfection and Decontamination

c)       Radiography


The Total portfolio is equivalent to approximately 5000 words, and is submitted and marked at Masters level.

  1. 2.       Dental Clinical Practice

This module provides students with a range of theoretical and clinical practical knowledge and skills, which encompass the necessary skills considered important for competent dental practice. These comprise:

Initial Assessment, screening and preventative advice,

Patient management, record keeping and communication,

Restorative Dentistry and Prosthodondics


Development of child/ young adult dentition

Surgery of both hard and soft tissues of the head and neck

Pain and anxiety control

Students are assessed on this module by:

a)      Monitoring of an electronic Personal Development Portfolio- a professional reflective and clinical log equivalent to 3000 words

b)      4 Clinical Case Studies. Clinical Cases in different dental disciplines, supported with a written narrative of around 1000 words in each case. 

  1. 3.       Professionalism

This module provides an opportunity to think critically and evaluate team working and professionalism and communication in primary dental care. The main subjects are:



Team Working



Law, Ethics, Equality & Diversity


Resourcing & Finance

Students are assessed in this module by production of:

a)      An Audit Report

b)      A Personal Development Plan

c)      Key Skills Portfolio in Law and Ethics