About Dental

The Team

The role of The Dental Team at the Deanery is to enhance the quality of patient treatment, and the patient experience. This is achieved by managing and providing supportive, quality assured education and development, for the whole dental team.

What Dental is about

To meet this commitment, we have a highly trained team of professional dental educators, who either have or are undertaking educator training qualifications.

The Department of Postgraduate Dental Education is now organised into 3 schools, covering the following activity across London and South East (LaSE):

  1. School of Foundation Dentistry which manages the Foundation Programme, enabling all our new graduates to gain access to a NHS performers list
  2. School of Intermediate and Higher Speciality Training in Dentistry managing Dental HST (Orthodontics, Special Care Dentistry and Restorative Dentistry) and second and third year Foundation and core Dentistry.
  3. School of General Dental Practice managing all DCP training and all CPD for the whole dental team.

The Dental Deanery is a validated partner of the University of Kent, enabling it to deliver quality assured programmes leading to degrees at Masters and Foundation Degree level.

The Deanery also delivers the principle training course in the country for Clinical Dental Technicians leading to a Diploma in Clinical Dental Technology of the Royal College of Surgeons of England, managed by the FGDP (UK). This allows them to register with the GDC.

We have a small highly professional dedicated administrative team in the Deanery managing all our activity.