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Remediation of Dental Registrants in Difficulty v7 - January 2014.pdf

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If you are seeking advice on how to proceed about a complaint made against you, a forthcoming case being dealt with by the GDC or a decision made post hearing with the GDC then please complete the attached referral form (curently being reviewed and will be updated soon) and send it to the DCP Workforce Transformation Officer at Your referral will be reviewed and relevant contact made with you on how to progress.

Please note, for the Postgraduate Dean and their colleagues to assist you, it is a requirement that you either work or are registered with the GDC at an address within London, Kent, Surrey or Sussex.


A brief overview of what to expect in the proces with HEE LaSE:

Following review of your referral form, Roxanna Costin, Dental Workforce Development and Support Manager will contact you on behalf of HEE LaSE to either:


1. Ask for further details before a 1:1 meeting is arranged with a clinical adviser to assess your needs in detail

2. Confirm we have everything we need and then arrange a 1:1 meeting with a clinical adviser to assess your needs in detail

3. Inform you if we are unable to assist and the reason for this


The 1:1 meeting will last up to 2 hours. At the end of this, it is very likely that a PDP will developed, a documented report of the meeting produced and an action plan agreed.

Interaction and meetings beyond this will be dependant on the individual and the need for further support and guidance. Details wil be provided as required.


It is important that you complete the referral form in full. This will enable us to offer the most relevant support and advice.


You may also wish to read the COPDEND information on 'Remediation of Dental Registrants in Difficulty'