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Registering To Practise in the UK

Registration with the General Dental Council (GDC) should be seen as the first step in progress towards practising in the UK. Every country has different rules, regulations, guidelines and definitions of professional conduct which govern the practice of dentistry.It is the responsibility of ALL dentists who are registered with the GDC to familiarise themselves with these in the UK.

Dentists in the UK must have up-to-date IR(ME)R and CPR certificates. LaSE does recommend that all dentists starting in practice who qualified from outside the UK contact the Deanery for advice on training, before commencing work.

The General Dental Council (GDC) will be able to advise you about your eligibility for registration in the UK. They have an excellent website with a very simple-to-use guide to registration. Those dentists who are entitled to full registration with the GDC can register immediately and find employment in the UK as a dentist. See the General Dental Council website for more information on how to do this.

However, many dentists outside the UK are not eligible for immediate registration with the GDC and have to undertake the Overseas Registration Examination (ORE) - formerly known as the International Qualifying Examination - IQE.

Please note that you should also get some information on visa eligibility.

The Home Office has removed the categories of ‘employed dental practitioner’, 'employed dental assistant' and ‘vocational dental practitioner’ from the list of UK shortage occupations.

We advise overseas-qualified (non-EEA) dentists who wish to take the ORE to investigate the employment opportunities available to them on registration. If you pass the ORE you may need to do up to a year’s vocational training (VT) in order to work for the NHS.

Please refer to the General Dental Councl (GDC) website for latest guidance and information.

Further information

Applicants should send the completed form by e-mail to the Dental Workforce Development and Support Manager at dentalinfo.lase@hee.nhs.uk with the subject line 'ORE REGISTRATION'. This will enable us to email you with appropriate training opportunities either with the Deanery or with recommended outside organisations.

You can contact us - via email at dentalinfo.lase@hee.nhs.uk or in writing at the below address - also for further information about:

  • International English Language Training Service
  • Overseas Registration Examination (previously known as IQE)
  • Introductory training for working in the UK
  • VT Assessment of competences application ... or to register for ORE training, please download the attached documents.

Please refer to the COPDEND website for the most up to date information relating to working in the NHS


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