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Dental Core Training (DCT) Postgraduate Dental Education is going through a process of change at the moment which is having far reaching affects on everybody involved in training and education. The modernisation of the SHO grade places an increasing emphasis on education of the trainee as opposed to being first and foremost a service provider. These grades are now being badged as Dental Core Training (DCT). 

The history of these changes goes back to the year 2000 when the Department of Health (England) published “A Health Service for all the talents, developing the NHS workforce”. This paper called for the reform of the SHO grades to provide “a better and broader educational experience”. This was followed in 2002 by the Chief Medical Officer’s Consultation paper “Unfinished Business” which set out the principles of training and the Department of Health has since then signaled their intention to modify dental training with particular reference to the second year post qualification and Dental SHO posts. 

In April 2008 the Parliamentary Under Secretary for Health Services formally announced the Governments’ agreement to the introduction of a 2 year post qualification training for Dentists wishing to work in the NHS and since then the Department of Health has indicated that Ministers have agreed to the phased introduction of a 2 year Foundation Training in Dentistry. Initially, the second year of training will be voluntary with the length of the phasing in period determined by the resources required and the extent of demand. 

A curriculum for Dental Foundation in Dentistry has been developed. It builds upon vocational training that newly qualified dentists are required to undertake before they may practice in the NHS.

A copy of the document “Dental Foundation Training, Professional Development Portfolio” can be found in the downloads.

In order to prepare for the changes in the second year of general professional training and among other preparatory moves, Health Education England working across London and the South East have established a centralised recruitment process for London and the South East DF1’s wishing to move on to a DCT position within London, Kent, Surrey and Sussex. Please see the recruitment section for further details.



In addition, to assist in the transition from DF1 to DCT, LaSE runs a two day “Surgical Skills Course” called Dentist on the Ward in conjunction with the Maxillofacial Department at Kent and Canterbury Hospital, over 2 days in July each year and all DF1’s  entering a DCT role are encouraged to register for this course.



Graham Gilmour Associate Dental Dean (Secondary Care)

For further information please email the Dental Office Manager at quoting DCT in the subject.

Please check the NHS jobs website for advertisements relating to the latest DCT(previously DF2 or SHO) posts