Annual Dental Conference, “ Tackling Toothache & Fixing Pain”


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We are now proud to announce Health Education England Kent Surrey & Sussex Annual Dental Conference 2016, “ Tackling Toothache & Fixing Pain” We will have experts like Professor Michael Lewis and Dr Michael Cassidy at the event talking about the different clinical elements of pain and how to tackle facial pain, with an update on the Unscheduled Emergency Care Project by Yasmin Allen. Wendy Thompson will be talking about treating emergency dental and there will lots, lots more. This event is now live for you to book onto course i.d. 1929 it using the Dental Education Booking System



Course Title: Annual Dental Conference, “ Tackling Toothache & Fixing Pain”

Course ID: 1929

Course date: 10/11/2016

Course price: Dentist: £90.00/ DCP: £30.00

CPD hours: 6 hours

Location: TBC

Contact details -  Roop Kaur, Workforce Development Officer, for any other information or details.

To book a place on this course, please register online at our course booking system, DEBS


Thank you we look forward to meeting you soon.

Start Time/Date: 
Mon, 05/09/2016 - 11:46