Application for e-QUAL programme

e-Learning is now widespread across all sectors, with the majority of modules being delivered to learners in a self-study format, either developed internally or resourced from external providers. Since self-study learners lack the motivating support of an online tutor, modules need to not only be pedagogically sound but visually engaging to sustain learners’ interest and commitment. While there are pockets of excellence there would undoubtedly be benefit in increasing the consistency of the design and development methodologies employed, including the visual design. Learning design and visual impact have direct bearing on the learner experience and the learning effectiveness that is achieved. The e-QUAL Programme is based on TAP’s e-Learning Design Guidelines. It is an integrated Programme which (a) provides skills training to enable content development that meets the Guidelines and (b) trains delegates in an objective assessment methodology, leading to Certified e-QUAL Assessor status.




You will be in a tech support/lead role within your organisation


You must commit to fully completing the course

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