HEE KSS e-Learning Modules

Communication Training Resource

Communication skills are an integral part of general practice. This resource pack is designed to equip GP Trainers and Programme Directors with the information and different styles of consultations to be used in one to one or group tutorials with GP Speciality Training Registrars in all stages of their training (ST1, ST2 and ST3).

The video streams should assist discussion about style of consultation with a series of questions to focus GPStRs on appropriate approach to consultation with their patients in hospital or general practice setting.  The Powerpoint slides "Consultation Models" available on the site, provide information and encourage further reading on communication skills. The slides can be used to assist you in tutorials.


Dr Bill Bevington has produced a booklet entitled “Talking with Patients” and has referenced different styles of communication, and  when it is appropriate to use patient-centred, doctors-centred and or complaint/ disease-centred approach. We hope this will encourage you to read about communication skills and apply different models in care of patients.


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e-Learning Modules

HE KSS has also developed a series of e-learning modules to support GP trainees and the GP education network.

Individuals can register their details on the e-Training for Trainers web site, complete the courses and upload the certificate to their e-portfolio.

These can be accessed via the e-Training for Trainers web site: http://www.etft.co.uk/

GP Specialty training e-learning courses include:

Trainees Starting GP (induction)

Workplace Based Assessments: 
IntroductionD O P S                              
Mini-CEXC O T 

Principles of Audit for GP **

This course, which includes four short videos, tells the story of a GP who finds they have a clinical significant event (SE) during a consultation and how they recognise and explore the problem through the use of an audit of their own practice, as well as through looking at the practice as a whole - and the steps and processes involved with carrying out an eight point audit to achieve change

Emotional Intelligence **

This e-leaning course (in the context of General Practice) aims to increase your knowledge of the topic of Emotional Intelligence:

  1. What is emotional intelligence
  2. Why is emotional intelligence important?
  3. How can emotional intelligence skills be developed in the role of a clinician?

** Restricted access - The above online modules are free of charge for the KSS Deanery education network (e.g. GPStRs, GP Trainers, GPs on PGCert course, GP Programme Directors, Sessional GPs or SPARC GP Appraiser) who are part of the KSS Deanery health economy. These modules may be available to others for a £10 fee per module. To request access please register your details on the etft site http://www.etft.co.uk/  and then complete the on-line form http://kssdeanery.ac.uk/form/e-learning-modules