Enhanced GPST3 Year


EST3 Application Form (Jan 17)

HEE KSS Enhanced ST3 Programme Guidance (Jan 17)

Enhanced ST3 Welcome Event Flyer

Applications are now open. The deadline for your application is: 13th January 2017

The HEE KSS GP School is pleased to offer GP trainees who are ST3 on 1st January 2017 an opportunity to enrol in the Enhanced ST3 Programme.

The aim of the Enhanced ST3 year is to offer high performing GP trainees an opportunity to explore a range of learning opportunities over and above the education and training in GP Specialty training to meet the curriculum requirements of the RCGP and undertake a Postgraduate Certificate in Health and Well-Being on a programme run by Canterbury Christchurch University. The experience gained of undertaking a quality improvement project linked to the academic programme not only supports the work placed based component of MRCGP but will demonstrate to prospective employers your thorough understanding of vital aspect of primary care practice

Successful applicants will have their ST3 year extended by four months (which will normally mean the ST3 year will total 16 months) with the enhanced component starting from February 2017. There will be a maximum of 18 trainees across HEE KSS recruited to the scheme.

The programme offers:

  • A programme running from February 2017 to 28.11.17 (including a 4 month extension)
  • 28 days additional study leave
  • Full payment of academic fees for the PG Certificate Programme
  • A formal taught module to support academic development and a supported learning set run by an academic mentor
  • Open to LTFT but must be in post for entire period as this is an additional commitment, and learning sets and academic submissions to fixed time lines are an essential part of programme
  • PDs will facilitate placements in CCGs/Public Health to enable trainees to undertake project work
  • Will require satisfactory ARCPs, portfolio, ESRs and passing of AKT prior to commencing programme

Enhanced ST3 Year trainees will be expected to write a final report about the experience gained and its contribution to their professional development and / or patient care. They will be encouraged to provide an article of their experience for the HEE KSS website and possible publication. Poster and/or presentations at suitable conferences will be encouraged and supported.

For more details of the programme including the initial study day dates please download the detailed paper and application form