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Welcome to your page!

Within Health Education England working across Kent, Surrey & Sussex part of our commitment to supporting qualified GPs are our sessional doctors, transition doctors & practice nurses learning support groups. We are keen to help support & promote development of our workforce & help with the retention of professionals within their chosen role. Currently we have 26 sessional doctor groups who are working with us to help fulfill the learning & development needs as well as 6 newly formed & forming Primary Care Transition support groups (PCTSG). These are groups for newly qualified GPs & Practice Nurses to learn together about each other's roles within the first 2 years post qualification as they settle into GP & community work. The PCTSGs are still new & recruiting, if you are intersted in finding a supportive & developmental group then why not contact one of your local groups.

Find the nearest Group to you.

Sessional Doctor Learning Support Groups (SDLSG)

Primary Care Transition Support Group

This web page has been set aside for you as a sessional, transition doctor or practice nurse to help provide information & guidance on matters which we hope are important to you. However, only you know what your needs are. If you would like to share any information about resources & experiences then please send to me. Previous editions of a CPD newsletter can be viewed through our useful links below. We hope these will provide useful & informative information for you.

GP Workforce Development Mager Dawn O'Grady

Equally if there are any specific questions or challenges you are faced with let me know. As they say "a problem shared is a problem halved". You may be surprised that you're not the only one & others may have resolved the same issue! Through sharing on this page we hope to help resolve some of the challenges faced as well as share your best practice with your colleagues. HEEKSS is also fortunate to have a group of GP Tutors who work with local CCGs to help support & deliver educational opportunities for our GPs. To find out what activities are planned in your locality contact your GP tutor.

Are you thinking of starting a new group or do you need to split your group?

For help & advice about how to make it happen please email Steve Scudder (HEEKSS, Lifelong Learning Advisor).

As you are aware the changing times have an impact on us all & none more so than on sessional, Retainer, I & R or newly qualified GPs including Practice Nurses. Sessional GPs can often be faced with specific challenges due to the way they are working when it comes to achieving their own CPD, appraisal & revalidation.

I would ask that where possible whether you are a sessional doctor, salaried, partner, Retainer or I & R GP if you can help your colleagues with access to information, advice or mandatory training or where they could get some specific help then please do. In particular, examples of good practice & how you achieved elements for revalidation would be gratefully received. Remember the treatment & experience your patients receive is only as good as the GP delivering the care. It is in a practice best interest to support & ensure sessional and locums you use are up to date, so share your learning opportunities with with. 

Steve Scudder

Lifelong Learning Adviser/HEEKSS Lead for GP Sessional Doctors

Individual & Group Contributions

  • We believe one of the best ways to help with learning is to share best practice, hints, tips & information.
  • We have created a web space for each group to post & share their experiences of educational activity be it from an individual learner experience or larger event
  • Q. What did you find helpful & why?
  • Q. Would you help others?
  • What is the point in re-inventing the wheel?   If you have struggled to find an answer to a problem or a challenge then chances are you were not alone but others may not have found that answer yet so why not share your solution!
  • Hopefully you are having meaningful and helpful educational experiences so why not shout about it, let others know that the session you did on “child protection” was great or the speaker you had on gathering information for revalidation is well worth listening to (include their contact details if they are happy to share).
  • I have added items to these pages that I think will be of help but it is you who knows what your needs are and what you need best, so please let me know what you would like to see.

Useful Links & Downloads

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Active CPD Ed 2


Active CPD Ed 3

Safeguarding Children Level 2

Child Protection Manual Sussex 

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National Association of Sessional GPs

Supporting information for appraisal and revalidation

RST - Step by Step of   Revalidation

GMC Supporting Information   for Revalidation

Life after CCT: GP Survival Skills

Running a SD Group

 Running a Group – Dr Tom Scanlon & Dr Abi Fry

GP Networks Touch

Supporting Non-standard GPs

 Guidance on Supporting Information for Non-Standard GPs


A Guide to Self-Directed

Learning groups

By Paula Wright

 SDLGS Guide


 RCGP MSF Guidance

Audit - Emergency equipment provided for locum GPs                                       

By Dr Sarah Watson, Locum



 Full Audit

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PDPs Made Easy

PDP Made Easy - Bristol University

Clinical Audit

 National Clinical Audit Advisory Group – What is a Clinical Audit

NHS Scotland - Audit

Audit - Data collection 

NHS Scotland - Audit

Audit - booklet

NHS Scotland - Audit

Audit - Criteria


PSQ & MSFs in Appraisal and Revalidation