CQC Training

All dental practices in England must be registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) before they can legally operate. The practices will need to be able to show that the services and care they provide are meeting essential standards of quality and safety and, they are committed to ongoing improvements. The CQC guidance is based on the outcomes that they expect people who use a dental practice to experience, if that practice is meeting the essential standards.

The Essential Standards consist of 28 outcomes, 16 of which apply to dentistry. All dental team members will need to be involved in ensuring compliance with the essential standards. Extensive staff involvement and training will continue to be required.

The 16 outcomes are listed below and KSS Dental Deanery is committed to an ongoing programme of training to help practices with their compliance. 

Information and involvement

Outcome 1: Respecting and involving people who use services

Outcome 2: Consent to care and treatment

Personalised care, treatment and support

Outcome 4: Care and welfare of people who use services

Outcome 5: Meeting nutritional needs

Outcome 6: Cooperating with other providers

Safeguarding and safety

Outcome 7: Safeguarding people who use services from abuse

Outcome 8: Cleanliness and infection control

Outcome 9: Management of medicines

Outcome 10: Safety and suitability of premises

Outcome 11: Safety, availability and suitability of equipment

Suitability of staffing

Outcome 12: Requirements relating to workers

Outcome 13: Staffing

Outcome 14: Supporting workers

Quality and management

Outcome 16: Assessing and monitoring the quality of service provision

Outcome 17: Complaints

Outcome 21: Records

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