Serious Incidents


HEKSS Serious Incidents Policy Sept 15 13.docx

HEKSS Serious Incident Preliminary Notification Form Sept 15 13.docx


A Serious Incident is in general terms something out of the ordinary or unexpected, with the potential to cause serious harm, which occurs on NHS premises or in the provision of an NHS service, or where there is a cluster or pattern of incidents or actions by NHS staff that have, or are likely to have, caused significant public concern.

A Serious Incident may be clinical or non-clinical, and will have occurred whenever a patient, member of staff or member of the public has suffered serious injury, major permanent harm or unexpected death. A “near miss” may also constitute a Serious Incident, where the avoidance of a catastrophic outcome required major corrective intervention, although no actual harm resulted on that particular occasion. These events may indicate system failures that could recur, and require organisational change.

All KSS Local Education Providers (LEPs) are required to inform the Deanery immediately of any Serious Incidents involving trainee doctors, either directly or indirectly. Directors of Medical Education (DMEs) must notify the Deanery using the KSS Serious Incident Preliminary Notification Form. The purpose of this form is to notify the Deanery that an incident has taken place. We will expect to see the full final report in due course.