MSc Programme in Primary Dental Care


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Welcome to the MSc in Primary Dental Care Programme


The MSc in Primary Dental Care Programme is a collaborative partnership with HEE LaSE, Dental and the University of Kent, Centre for Professional Practice


The MSc in Primary Dental Care consists of three stages:


Stage 1, Postgraduate Certificate in Primary Dental Care for Foundation Dentists, 60 Credits (Year 1):

The Postgraduate Certificate in Primary Dental Care for Foundation Dentists offers a fresh and innovative work based, structured postgraduate programme, specifically for primary dental care practitioners that will acknowledge, with an academic award, the successful completion of Foundation Training Year 1. Practice based learning is integral to the programme and emphasises wider learning opportunities as well as integrating the COPDEND (UK) Foundation Dentist Training Programme into a postgraduate scholarship.  All three modules within the Postgraduate Certificate are mandatory and reflect the curriculum issued by COPDEND (UK).  Passing of all three Modules will result in the award of Postgraduate Certificate in Primary Dental Care for Foundation Dentists.


Stage 2, Postgraduate Diploma in Primary Dental Care, 60 Credits (Year 2):

Following successful completion of the Postgraduate Certificate in Primary Dental Care for Foundation Dentists, DF1s, Dental Core Trainees and those that are in associate positions in Primary Dental Care Practice will enable admission to the Postgraducate Diploma in Primary Dental Care.


Course objectives

The Postgraduate Diploma in Primary Dental Care provides a structured postgraduate academic training for dental foundation students within dentistry that is designed to enable the student to combine academic study with clinical commitment through (work) based learning. It will develop critical analysis and evaluation skills, appraisal of best practice, through a variety of learning and assessment formats including research, enhancing and improving professional practice and ultimately the quality of patient care.


The programme creates a supportive and challenging environment in which the student can enhance their skills of reflective practice. It facilitates an ethos of academic understanding combined with a career pathway demonstrating the need for lifelong learning and continuing professional development, thereby improving the quality of patient care through practice based learning.


It will enable the student to work independently and within a team to tackle complex issues and problems and act autonomously in resolving professional problems. The student will develop a comprehensive and current knowledge of common clinical dental issues and appropriate sources of referral.


Students must choose and successfully complete three modules one of which must be Research Skills for Dentists to enable entrance to the Stage 3, MSc in Primary Dental Care (MSc Dissertation).   The choice of modules are Research, Minor Oral Surgery, Oral Medicine, Periodontology, Endodontics, Education and Dental Public Health.


Stage 3, MSc in Primary Dental Care, 60 Credits (Year 3):

The programme is designed for primary care dentists wishing to develop their personal and professional skills in order to engage more effectively in meeting the changing needs of a modern dental care service. 

In an attempt to achieve professional and wider organisational effectiveness there is an increasing emphasis on organisational systems and the scientific evidence as a basis for practice decisions. Such processes require professionals to have the skills in appraising evidence bases critically, managing the implementation of research findings, and/or undertaking such research.  The aim of this course is therefore is to provide participants with the opportunity to undertake a research project carried out in their workplace that is relevant to the participants’ professional practice. 


Successful completion of the third year which requires a 10,000 word dissertation on an agreed subject of the students choice  on the agreed subject, which leads to the award of an MSc in Primary Dental Care by the University of Kent. The programme is delivered through two taught weekends and 600 hours of home study and research.