Alistair Bogaars

Job Title: 
GP Educator Pathway Manager

Alistair’s role includes managing and organising the modular training (educational pathway) courses and progression for Clinical Supervisors and Community Teachers and potential GP Trainers. This includes the co-ordination of the University submissions of the PG Certificate in Strategic Leadership & Medical Education.

  • Managing the pathway through the Postgraduate Certificate and Diploma for current GP Trainers and GP Programme Directors
  • Working with Associate Deans and Lifelong Learning advisor to plan and support the expansion of the training placements
  • Managing FY2 trainee placements and the funding for Clinical Supervisors and their service level agreements.

Alistair’s contact is primarily with qualified GPs to support them on the Educator Pathway and with Clinical Supervisors with regards to FY2 placements. 

Tel: (020) 7125 7198