GMC Surveys

National Trainee and Trainer surveys 2012


How did we do?

The response rate was  99.09%, the third higest in the country.


More reporting and analytical tools are available in the GMC Surveys Reports main page.


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More information about the Survey

The GMC National Training Surveys are a core part of the work that the GMC carries out each year to monitor the quality of medical education and training in the UK.

The survey is used to identify key areas of both excellence and development – which will inform positive change in terms of training satisfaction for trainees. The aim is to improve the quality of trainee placements in terms of training and development within Trusts and Schools.

When finalised, the Deanery and the GMC will use results from the surveys as part of work to monitor and improve the quality of training. The KSS Deanery Quality Team analyses and uses data from the survey to improve the Quality of Training and processes in place to deliver the training by working with local education providers, the Deanery can explore issues that have emerged and, where necessary, take action to improve standards of training.



Survey Reports and Findings

The final results of the National Survey of Trainee Doctors can be found using thenew GMC survey reporting tool.

The GMC published the document National Training Surveys 2012: Key Findings  in July 2012 and is now available for consultation.

The previous years' reports are available for download from the following links:

National Training Surveys 2011: Key Findings

National Training Surveys 2010: Key Findings.