GMC Survey Analysis 12 - Reports for STFS


1 - KSS Programmes - F1 & F2.pdf

2 - FT Scheme - All Specialties F1&F2.pdf

3 - STFS - All Trainees in KSS LEPs 12.pdf

4 - STFS - All Trainees in Lodon LEPs 12.pdf

5 - Anaesthetics F1 and F2.pdf

6 - Emergency Medicine F1 and F2.pdf

7 - GP F2.pdf

8 - Medicine F1 and F2.pdf

9 - Obstetrics and Gynaecology F1 and F2.pdf

10 - Ophthalmology F2.pdf

11 - Paediatrics F1 and F2.pdf

12 - Pathology F2.pdf

13 - Psychiatry F1 and F2.pdf

14 - Public Health F2.pdf

15 - Radiology F1.pdf

16 - Surgery F1 and F2.pdf

In this page there is a collection of reports for the 2012 GMC Trainee Survey

Reports are customised to meet the requirements of specific users groups in order to give the best overview and insight on the results of the GMC survey.

The reports include all the available Survey data data for South Thames Foundation School Specialties.


More reporting and analytical tools are available in the GMC surveys main page. Quick links to other reports:  A - Reports for LEPs and DMEsB - Reports for Heads of School,   D - Reports for GP

To download the report click on the relevant one on the list on the right hand side of the page.



For feedback, comments and queries relating to reports or data please contact   Marco De Solis in the Quality Department.