Quality Management System

Quality Management System

KSS Quality Management System - the basics

The following is an overview of the basics of the KSS Quality Management System, provided by Professor Zoe Playdon, Head of Education.


The KSS Quality Management System comprises three interrelated elements:

  1. Contract Review foregrounds LEP infrastructure and strategic planning for PGME.
  2. Hospital Visiting foregrounds the clinical appropriateness of posts for PGME.
  3. Local Academic Boards [LABs] and Local Faculty Groups [LFGs] foreground progression of postgraduate doctors through their programmes and support Local Faculty development.


The data derived from these three systems combine to provide an overall view of the quality of PGME by Local Education Provider [LEP] and by School.

GMC Annual Surveys then provide national quantitative data, as part of GMC’s quality assurance role. These data are interpreted and actioned in the context of the qualitative data collected by the KSS QMS.

The data provided by KSS QMS and GMC Annual Surveys, and the actions associated with them, are summarised in the LAB’s Annual Audit and Review [AAR] and in LFGs' AARs.

The collation and meta-analysis of LAB and LFG AARs provides the basis for KSS’s Annual Deanery Report [ADR] and Annual School Reports [ASRs].


KSS also supports a process of Continuous Quality Improvement in its LEPs, to nationally benchmarked standards:

Workshops and workplace-based programmes provide an entry-level understanding of a particular area of PGME, aimed broadly at all Educational and Clinical Supervisors.

Master’s degree level programmes provide opportunities for progression to in-depth knowledge and provide local capacity building in the areas of Education, Leadership, Medical Careers and Medical Humanities.


All programmes are designed to provide direct improvement to patient care and to be:

    1. Financially efficient.

    2. Educationally effective.

    3. Clinically appropriate.


The KSS Quality Manual is designed to map easily to:

    1. GMC Standards.

    2. HEI Standards.

    3. The QMS of other Deaneries.