Quality Management Steering Group


About us

The quality management board meets to ensure standards are being maintained and upheld, and to ensure a formalised management process exists to remedy any shortcomings.


Terms of Reference

  • To design a cost effective quality management system for KSS building on current good practice and GMC direction, which is minimally disruptive to service.
  • To implement local effective educational governance with the local education providers.       
  • To be the overall Deanery group for quality management standards, policies and problem resolution.       
  • To be the Deanery group for final recording and resolution of all issues relating to the approval of posts and programmes.       
  • To consider the wider stakeholder environment and how to involve/inform as appropriate.       
  • To lead on future PMETB or GMC quality assurance visits and to act as a source of expertise to troubleshoot local problems.


Our Responsibility

  • Conduct regular Quality Trust visits (LEP Visits Process and documents)
  • Collate the annual KSS Deanery GMC report
  • Ensure that regular appraisals occur in all Deanery Trusts
  • Share best-practice working methods with local Deaneries and Trusts
  • Consult with all stakeholders with regard to the GMC trainee survey results