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The GMC has defined a framework for the quality assurance of training. The KSS Deanery will need to ensure within this framework that there is a clear set of standards for trainers and training environments and that evidence of educational delivery is shared.

The function of the Deanery visit to a Local Education Provider (LEP) is to ensure that Trusts with trainees have mechanisms in place to allow training to be adequately delivered across all specialities.


Our responsibilities 

The Deanery LEP visit should reflect what is happening in a Trust. It should identify and positively reward good practice. It should identify poor practice and set in place strategies to bring about improvements.

The Deanery will undertake an annual visit to each LEP, visiting selected specialties within the LEP.

The attached documents describe the visits in more detail, and include the pro formas used by the visiting teams.


The objectives of LEP visits are to:

  • improve the quality of education and training by identifying notable practice as well as rectifying issues;
  • ensure that GMC standards for the delivery of postgraduate medical education are being met;
  • investigate any matters of concern against the GMC standards;
  • identify common issues and notable practice across the specialities;

Types of LEP Visits

Visits may be part of a planned visiting programme (routine visits) or be triggered by specific concerns (exception visits). KSS will also undertake follow-up LEP visits where necessary.

The specialties for routine visits in any one year are chosen by the Heads of Schools (HoS) on a risk-based approach. The HoS decide which specialties in which LEPs should be visited based on information from various sources.

On this page is possible to access two timelines showing the relevant stages of the visiting process before the LEP visits take place and other information relevant to the visiting process.


The Visiting Team

The visiting team will usually comprise the following mandatory members:

  • Head of School, KSS Deanery
  • Training Programme Director (TPD), KSS Deanery
  • GP Patch Associate Dean (if GP is one of the specialties being visited)
  • Trainee Representative
  • External or Lay Visitor
  • A member of the KSS Specialty Workforce Department

other members of the visiting team may include:

  • Dean Director
  • Deputy Dean for secondary Care
  • GP Dean
  • Associate Dean for Quality
  • Associate Deans
  • Assistant Dean Education
  • Observer(s)


LEP Visit schedule for 2012-2013


For queries regarding the Visit process contact a member of the Quality Team or write to